Cailín Walsh
[ca•leen] - noun
1. Girl
2. A delightful hobgoblin of chaos and joy
Hi I'm Cailín and it's nice to meet you! I'm shamelessly trans, fabulously tall and an enjoyer of exclamation points!

I design videogames, software, hardware and solve problems, occasionally even at the same time. I perform consulting work across a broad spectrum of technical fields including, but not limited to, videogames, industrial systems, internet technology, embedded systems, and enterprise software.

I'm currently not looking for work at the moment and my consulting rate is, frankly, extremely distressing but if you really insist you can drop me an email at ✨itme [at]

When I'm not attempting to demolish every piece of modern technology within a 100m radius with an angle grinder I also enjoy doing various maker things like 3D printing, digital electronics, woodworking, constantly threatening to build a CNC router, and apparently restoring old computers? Y'know, fun stuff like that.

And when I'm not doing that you can find me over on BlueSky/Mastodon/Cohost perfecting my reply GIF game, encouraging people to believe in themselves despite their doubts and just generally making a nuisance of myself ❤️